The Threads that bind us
At Xx, we approach sustainability right from the source. We have tie ups with various cool designers who donate their scrap to us and we redesign the 'waste' into beautiful jewelry. Currently around 80 percent of our catalogue is straight out of designer, upcycled fabric. We are gunning for a 100 percent soon! 
 It's not just the raw materials that make a product sustainable but also the process, and at Xx we go all in! 
Most of our jewelry is made by local artisans from an NGO called Swavlambi. They train and employ local women to become artisans and independent members of the community.
Not only are these women brilliant artisans but also incredibly cool people to work with! 
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We love being associated with brands whoes asthetics align with ours. One such brand is Colorsmirrors. Colorandmirrors is a clothing brand based in chennai, we collaborated as a jewellery partner for their photoshoot.

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It was great collaborating with sister duo from howtheyglow! Their take on our jewelry was refreshing.
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Photoshoot with Vadodara based blogger Vishwa Bhavsar was a great start to display our Bohemia collection

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It’s not every day that your favourite fashion bloggers Talk about your brand. Jasleen gupta from Fashion Mumbai blogged about our jewellery!

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