Product Care

Our products are all handmade and use materials like fabric, felt, threads, sequins, metal embellishment, wool and more cool stuff! No product is the same and you may notice slight irregularities in shape and colour. Those are not defects, but rather the hallmark of a handmade process that provides a unique product to you.
Do not wash the pieces. We use threads that don’t bleed colour, but the fabric and pom-pom embellishments may do so if soaked and wrung. We also do not take guarantees for sequin and other embellishments, which may fall off if washed or roughly used.
Please keep the beauties in the bags provided as it will save it from damage and dust. You can use a soft, damp cloth to gently clean the mirrors and metal embellishments if the need arises. 


Please also keep in mind that there might be variations on the actual colour and the texture from what is evident in the pictures, due to technological limitations in such presentation. Since these products are handmade we take utmost care to achieve the goods as close to the mentioned.